Legal Support for New York Spouses and Parents

Areas of Practice



We handle contested and uncontested divorce actions.  Divorce proceedings usually involve intense emotions and significant expense. Our dedicated matrimonial attorneys can work with you throughout the divorce process to minimize the emotional strain and cost normally associated with these proceedings. We handle complex contested and uncontested divorces.

During the divorce proceedings, we will assess all of the assets and debt and strive to attain the largest possible distribution of marital assets for our clients.  When appropriate, we will work closely with you to guarantee proper financial support through maintenance. If children are involved, we will fight for custody of your children, child support payments or help in the development of a parenting plan.


If you feel threatened, you should always call police before contacting an attorney.   An order of protection is issued by the court directing a party to refrain from criminal behavior or stay away from another person.  The Order can direct the person to stay away from the victim’s children, home and place of work.

You are entitled to feel safe.  Katherine Ryan, Esq. studied domestic violence and has successfully fought for necessary Orders of Protection on behalf of her clients.  Our office has also defended against Orders of Protection issued unfairly.

parenting time (visitation)

We understand the impact visitation schedules have on children.  An inappropriate parenting schedule can impact your children in a serious and often detrimental way.  We fight for each client's right to a fair and appropriate parenting schedule.

Our office has negotiated many parenting schedules and may be able to offer suggestions and solutions you have not considered yet.  Contact our office to learn more.


The dissolution of any marriage or partnership raises a plethora of issues. When children are involved, the resulting issues are even more complex as custody and child support issues come to the forefront. Our team of child custody attorneys will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome while preserving your parental rights and protecting your children’s best interests. 

Child custody is dual faceted in that it encompasses both the physical and legal custody of the child. Physical custody is where the child resides while legal custody entails the decision making process for the parents including the right to decide education preferences, religious practices, medical treatments and activity involvement. Both of these aspects must be considered during child custody proceedings.

prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Learn how to protect your assets in the event of a divorce.  Prenuptial agreements are agreements signed between two parties before they are married.  Postnuptial agreements are agreements signed by two people after they are married but prior to a divorce action.  In these agreements, parties negotiate what happens in the event of a divorce.  

These agreements often protect inheritance and money or assets owned by the parties prior to the marriage.  It is important that you have skilled representation when negotiating these agreements, as it is often a permanent document with serious consequences.  Katherine Ryan, Esq. has negotiated numerous agreements between parties. 


If you are a spouse in a same sex marriage and have encountered marital difficulties, you may wonder how the divorce laws apply to you.  You may wonder if you should adopt your child or if marriage is enough.  You may wonder if the property division, custody and alimony/maintenance laws apply to you.  Same sex couples have identical rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the bond of marriage and in divorce. Our office has successfully negotiated divorce between same sex partners.  We are also able to negotiate same sex prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, custody determinations, parenting schedules, child support and maintenance.  Call now to schedule your free consultation.


Child support calculation is generally based upon a number of financial factors pertaining to both parties. Our knowledgeable legal team will fight for fair child support in light of each party’s monthly income and lifestyle. Factors commonly considered include monthly employment income, childcare expenses deducted from your paycheck (e.g., health insurance), additional medical expenses for the child, each parent’s contribution to extra-curricular expenses, and costs of daycare or private school tuition..  Estimate your child support here.  

Our legal team also works toward modifying inappropriate child support obligations.  Recent changes to the law may help you obtain a modification of your support obligation.  Learn about modifying your child support obligation here.


Separation Agreements are contracts signed by married people that govern their separation without getting divorced.  Separation Agreements can govern property division, child support and maintenance among other subjects.  Many parties sign Separation Agreements in order to maintain one party on the other party’s medical insurance.

These contracts are enforceable in the event of a divorce and are very difficult to renegotiate in the event of a divorce.  Accordingly, it is imperative that you take the Separation Agreement negotiations seriously and be represented by a skilled attorney.  Contact our office to find out how we can help you.

high net worth divorce

High net worth divorce is a type of divorce requiring skilled legal representation.  High net worth divorce cases usually require experts to evaluate the assets in the case.  Many high net worth divorce clients own businesses, investment properties, rental properties, pensions and other assets that are complex to divide.  After the asset is evaluated, the court must then decide how to equitably distribute the asset.  New York is an equitable distribution state, which means assets are distributed according to what is fair, not necessarily what is equal.  Not all assets are divided equally.

Katherine Ryan, Esq. has represented clients in high net worth divorce from filing for divorce to trial and/or settlement.  If you are a part of a high net worth divorce or are thinking about divorcing, feel free to contact Katherine Ryan, P.C. for help.